KOMTERM a.s. ties to the history of Milan Jelínek - KOMTERM, founded on June 8, 1990 as a self-employment business in the field of servicing and repairs of gas heating plants.

Since 1992, the activities were focused mainly on retrofitting of block coal heating plants to gas heating plants. Since the very beginning, KOMTERM installed exclusively digital MaR systems on the heating plants, including the interface to the proprietary central NONSTOP control panel and its operation. In 2000, ten years after being established, KOMTERM entered the market in the Slovak Republic - through its subsidiary company.

Until March 2003, the company Milan Jelínek - KOMTERM was operating as a natural person (self-employement business), with an annual turnover of CZK 360,000,000 and 180 employees. After the transformation, this small family business developed into standard joint-stock company with a clear management structure.

An effort to shift the responsibilities related to energy management to professionals was behind the decision of the owners of Energetika TATRA Kopřivnice to sell 100% of its shares to KOMTERM in 2005. The merger of Energetika TATRA with KOMTERM in 2008 lead to creation of another division within the group.

In 2006, KOMTERM founded SBsys, s.r.o. for the purpose of exclusive representation for the Swiss manufacturer of industrial electronic products and programmable control solutions SAIA-BURGESS in the Czech Republic and since 2009, also in the Slovak Republic. At the end of 2011, the operation of SBsys was terminated due to the failure to renew the distribution contract with this manufacturer.

The need to increase the competitiveness of the offered services has resulted in in 2009 in foundation of a subsidiary company KOMTERM technology, s.r.o. focusing on development of projects, engineering activities and construction project management. At the beginning of 2012, the subsidiary companies KOMTERM technology and KOMTERM energy merged, all of the operations were maintained and KOMTERM energy extended its operations into Slovak Republic.

In 2011, KOMTERM energy, s.r.o. was founded, focusing on the purchases of energy for KOMTERM group, including the storage and handling of solid fuels. The same year SUBLIMA CZ, s.r.o. was acquired, which belonged to one of the largest manufacturers of impregnated wood products in the Czech market.

Together with the growth and integration of new companies in the group, there were changes made to the organizational structure - transformation to a division model, the management methods were innovated, competencies and responsibilities were delegated and transferred from the owner to individual management members. Today, KOMTERM is a strong and stable company, offering its Czech and Slovak customers with a wide range of products and services in the field of power engineering. Energy group KOMTERM makes full use of its more than 20 years of experience, tying to the best traditions in Czech power engineering.

History of KOMTERM group